Welcome to Bassics

Bassics products are designed and developed by award winning recording engineer and studio equipment designer professor Malcolm Toft.

As a recording engineer, he mixed the Beatles single Hey Jude, Joe Cocker’s With A Little Help From My Friends, engineered David Bowie’s Space Oddity album, James Taylors first album, Those Were The Days, by Mary Hopkins and three albums with T-Rex.

He then went on to found Trident Audio Developments and designed their recording consoles which went on to be used in major studios around the world.

In 2009 he was made a visiting professor at Leeds College of Music for his contribution to the recording industry.

It is this unique knowledge and heritage that is brought to the design of every product in the Bassics range.

Malcolm turned his hand to the world of bass amplification because throughout his career he had always thought that the bass player was considered the ‘poor relation’.

As an engineer, he noticed that many bass players were amazed at the sound a studio engineer could get that their equipment simply wasn’t capable of.  By understanding exactly what is necessary to bring out the best in a bass guitar, Malcolm is able to incorporate that in his design. This includes extremely transparent and noise free pickup amplification and equalisation (tone control), specifically tailored for bass.

Another key factor in Malcolm’s approach to product design is to innovate as much as possible.  Consequently, all the products incorporate this. For example, the effects pedals will work on any a.c or d.c voltage (positive or negative polarity) from 9-18 volts. The BPA-1 preamp system takes the controls that would normally be on your amplifier and places them conveniently at your feet. Ideal if your main amplification is coming either through the P.A. system or in ear monitors. The power AH900 and A900 amplifiers provide massive power (up to 900 watts into 4 ohms) yet only weight 2 kilograms.

As a consequence, many top bass players are already using Bassics products including Pino Paladino (John Meyer, The Who, Eric Clapton etc.) Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Chris Childs, (Thunder), Phil Soussan (Ossie Osbourne) and Tony Visconti, (David Bowie’s producer).

That list is always growing and you will see why if you try a Bassics product at your nearest dealer.