Review from Bass Musician Magazine, November 2016

Review from Bass Musician Magazine in the November 2016 issue.

Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp

The Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp is something that I have never seen before with so much control over tone and frequency. The Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp is designed to give you the type of control that is found in many of the best studios all over the world. In addition, it also has a compressor that can be used post or pre EQ. Let’s start off with the controls for EQ. There are two controls each for low bass, mid bass and upper bass. The first control in each section of the EQ is the level control which gives you anywhere from -15dB to +15db for bass, mids, and highs. Each section also has a separate frequency control. For low bass, the frequency can range from 45Hz to 250Hz. For mid bass, the frequency can range from 150Hz to 800Hz, and for upper bass, the frequency can range between 500Hz and 3kHz. There are also 3 by 4 segment led displays which show the input level, the level through the EQ section and the output, each one ranging from -10dB to +12dB. Speaking of inputs, there are two inputs. The first input level is controlled right next to the EQ and the second level input is controlled on the rear of the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp next to input 2. Both input 1 and 2 jacks are on the rear panel and there is a small illuminated switch next to the input 1 control that allows you to switch between input 1 and 2



The Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp gives you even more control! There are footswitches for EQ Bypass, Low Bass, Mid Bass, Upper Bass, Compressor, and Mute. So for instance, you are grooving along on the low end, and want to go into a chordal progression or solo in the upper range without the low end. Just press on the footswitch for low bass and you can engage or disengage that portion of the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp, and the same goes for the other footswitches. As mentioned before, the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp also sports a compressor. The compressor is a high grade vca type and is made specifically for bass. There is an led which lets you know the amount of compression being used and it ranges from -3dB to -12dB



Another cool feature is that all of the controls light up. The input and output controls are red, low bass is green, mid bass is orange, upper bass is yellow, and the compressor is blue. When you disengage a part of the EQ or the compressor with it’s associated footswitch, those controls stop illuminating. When you mute the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp, all of the illumination for all controls stops and there is a mute light that is red. 



The connection for the rear panel include 1/4” connection for input 1 and 2, and 1/4” for output, fx send or tuner, and fx return. There are balanced low impedance x-l-r and 1/4” direct outputs for pre or post EQ. Two toggle switches make up the rest of the back panel, one for impedance change on input 1with a choice between high and normal, and another toggle switch for ground lift. A power cable is included and an on/off switch is right next to the power cord connection.



I really like all of the features of the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp and it sits as well live as it does in the studio and is one of the most versatile Bass pre-amp that I know of. Check out the Bassics BPA-1 Bass Pre-Amp at a music retailer near you!

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