Bassics Pedals

All Bassics pedals* are road friendly …they have a unique feature in that they will work with any power supply from 9-18 volts, A.C. or D.C. and any polarity.  

bassics CRUNCHER

Bassics Cruncher Pedal

The Cruncher distortion pedal can be switched to 'hard' or 'soft', with the hard setting adding extra harmonics, and could become a favourite with guitar players as well as bass users. RRP £199

Bassics OMNI PRE

Bassics Omni Pre

The Omni Pre preamp/bass switcher is just the right foot stomp to instantly change from one instrument to another, say from fretted to fretless, or upright. Heck, Malcolm Toft has even done the unthinkable and put in a mix switch to run both channels at the same time! RRP £199

bassics SQUEEZER

Bassics Squeezer

The Squeezer compressor pedal is a studio quality VCA with a sound much like the revered dbx160. The controls allow the player to control the levels of drive, compression and overall gain. RRP £199


Bassics Tone Ranger

The Tone Ranger EQ pedal is a three band preamp with sweepable frequencies. The illuminated controls come in to their own on a dimly lit floor! RRP £199

*Excluding the daddy of them all, the BPA-01 Floor preamp which is AC powered only.