Gregor Fris Review of the BPA-1 from Bass The World

Gregor Fris from Bass The World had this to say recently about the BPA-1…

“Here’s an exciting new pedal that will hit the market soon. It’s much more a studio bass preamp than an actual pedal. Sounds like something in between an API 312 and a Neve 1073, with lots of headroom. The EQ is 3Bd semi-parametric and each band has an individual bypass(!). The comp is like a 1 knob DBX160A and the best thing: the whole thing can be muted, something I miss in all decent mic preamps. It’s an excellent tool, I got one a couple of weeks ago and so far I’m very excited. It sounds as good as the beloved classic and highly expensive studio preamps, but costs a fraction AND has a great sounding built-in EQ, something that you never get, unless you pay 3k bucks or more. Also you get individual pre and post DI outs and level control LED’s for every single section. The board was designed by Malcolm Toft, the same guy who’s responsible for the Trident consoles. Speaking of consoles, that’s what it feels like using it. Unless you use it as a pedal, it’s a desktop thing and that’s a big deal to me (now). Much more comfortable than reaching out to 19″ racks. Price will be something like 700€*”

*The RRP price is actually 535€

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