Are you a stockist wanting to sell the BPA-1? Want to try the BPA-1 before you buy, or need to get your hands on one pronto? Here’s the current distributor and stockist list…


North America and Canada

Diffusion Audio

U.K. and Europe

Synergy Distribution

France & Belgium > TRADE: EL34

CUSTOMER: Rhapsody Classic et Rhapso Rock
Street: 1388, Av. Lachenaud-Z.I. Capitou
Postal Code and city : 83600 Fréjus – France 
Phone +33 98 11 38 48
Contact : Hueges & Dorian


Okada International


Please contact the stockist before visiting to check availability.

Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow): Guitar Guitar

Newcastle: Guitar Guitar

Manchester: The Great British Bass Lounge.

Warwick: Bass Direct

London: The Gallery

Reading: Bass Gear


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