Are you a stockist wanting to sell the BPA-1? Want to try the BPA-1 before you buy, or need to get your hands on one pronto? Here’s the current distributor and stockist list…


North America and Canada


U.K. and Europe

Synergy Distribution

France & Belgium > TRADE: EL34

CUSTOMER: Rhapsody Classic et Rhapso Rock
Street: 1388, Av. Lachenaud-Z.I. Capitou
Postal Code and city : 83600 Fréjus – France 
Phone +33 98 11 38 48
Contact : Hueges & Dorian


Okada International


Please contact the stockist before visiting to check availability.

Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow): Guitar Guitar

Newcastle: Guitar Guitar

Manchester: The Great British Bass Lounge.

Warwick: Bass Direct

London: The Gallery

Reading: Bass Gear

South West: Mansons


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